Phu Quoc national park

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Ho Quoc Pagoda

Gam Ghi Island

Gam Ghi Island

May Rut islet

May Rut Islet

Phu Quoc Bee Farm


Complete your beach vacation in Phu Quoc with these unique tourist sights

Besides the most famous tourist attractions of beaches, islands, historical sites, fishing villages, or seafood, you should not ignore these following unique spots which...

An Thoi beach

An Thoi, a major rival to Duong Dong as the tourism capital of the island, is famed among divers for its numerous coral reefs and mesmerizing tropical fish.
Bai Vong beach

Bai Vong beach

Bai Vong Beach, on the east coast 15km from Duong Dong, is emerging as an alternative gateway to Phu Quoc.
Rach Vem

Rach Vem Beach

Rach Vem Beach, or in Vietnamese Bãi Rạch Vẹm, belongs to the commune of Ganh Dau.
Cua Can beach

Cua Can Beach

Even if you never find the elusive beach which goes by the same name, Cua Can village is a true tropical delight with its...
Bai Truong

Bai Truong Beach

Phu Quoc’s longest beach is Bai Truong (far better known as Long Beach). In excess of 20km, north to south, Long Beach runs down...

Phu Quoc Cuisine

Tours to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc cruise

Hiep Hoa Cruise: Fishing And Diving Tour

Then captain of Hiep Hoa cruise is experienced and knows where to locate fish and will stop the ship for fishing in Cape Ong Doi in 1 hour.
Northern Phu Quoc day tour by boat and bus

Northern Phu Quoc Day Tour by Boat and Bus

Welcome the Northern Phu Quoc! A day to explore the north of Phu Quoc island with enjoyable experience. The highlight is visiting fishing village,...
Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Northern Island day tour

Welcome to Phu Quoc Southern Island day tour ! With our tour, you will have a wonderful day on Phu Quoc island by an...
Da Ban Stream

Phu Quoc Picnic Tour at Da Ban Stream Full Day

With the tour, you will have a memorable trip to visit Fish Sauce Factory, Pepper Farm, Sim Wine factory, Da Ban Stream. Especially, it...
Phu Quoc Boat Tour

Phu Quoc Adventure Boat Tour

Spending a day to discover Phu Quoc Island is really an enjoyable trip. With Phu Quoc Adventure Boat tour, you take part in exciting...

Phu Quoc Information

VinPearl Phu Quoc Resort

Phu Quoc Island – World Top Winter Travel Destination

National Geographic, has named Phu Quoc Island one of the World Top Winter Travel Destinations among 15 favored winter travel destinations. It’s also described...

Phu Quoc Festival Promotes Fish Sauce Specialty

Phu Quoc island district, the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang, kicked off a festival on July 14 to promote its fish sauce specialty. The...
Nature & Paradise Island

Phu Quoc-Where Nature & Paradise Come Together!

Phu Quoc is a very mountainous and densely forested Island, approx. 600 sq kms situated in the Gulf of Thailand, shaped like a “tear”...
Phu Quoc Adventurous

Adventurous, Phu Quoc

Looking for adventure on Phu Quoc Island through a phu quoc tour or something that’s a little different, then checkout and try some of...
Phu Quoc

Seasons On Phu Quoc Island

Of course, there is no “winter” or “summer” on Phu Quoc, this is the tropics after all. What you have instead here is the...