An Thoi beach


An Thoi, a major rival to Duong Dong as the tourism capital of the island, is famed among divers for its numerous coral reefs and mesmerizing tropical fish.

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Why An Thoi Beach is special ?

An Thoi Islands are located approximately 30 minutes by boat from An Thoi town, where you will find 15 islands with a variety of beautiful beaches. An Thoi is where you will find the main ferry port for services from the mainland town of Rach Gia, and is also a jumping off point for visiting the group of An Thoi islands to the south. Popular pastimes here include fishing, snorkeling and boating.

An Thoi town

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Vietnam’s long years of struggle are over and the emphasis in An Thoi is now on having fun. Of course the beaches are great, but the best attractions here swim, slither or glitter beneath the water. These waters are reputed to offer the best scuba diving off Phu Quoc. Bamboo sharks, angelfish, scorpion fish and specimens of octopus can be seen in the clear sea. The rare and mysterious dugong – a large marine mammal – swims here too.

What to explore at An Thoi Beach?

Hon Dua (Coconut Island) is the closest island to An Thoi town. The island is thick with forests of coconut and mango trees. Divers venturing off its western shore might find pieces of antique porcelain scattered around a sunken ship.

Roi Island is the second island south of An Thoi town, and while it is pretty chilled now there are big plans afloat for its development. There is a masterplan for Roi Island and it could end up looking like Vinpearl Resort off the coast of Nha Trang, all luxury hotels and water sports arenas. Get there before the developers move in. Squid and shrimp swim on the reef.

An Thoi town

The third island out from An Thoi harbor is Hon Thom (Pineapple Island) and it is the largest of the archipelago, with two 100m high hills at its northern and southern tips, and its own harbor and native population. It is one of the busiest of the islands and is permanently cloaked with blue fishing boats. It is also very popular with tourists. Expect serious development in the near future!

Beyond Hon Thom the sea is sprinkled with tiny islands with colorful names: Vong Island, Hon Vang (Echo Island), Kim Qui (Yellow Tortoise Island), Hon Mong Tay (Short Gun Island), Dan Island, Dua Island, Muong Island, Gam Ghi Island (the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography has launched a plan to protect its coral reef), May Rut island, and so on.