Hiep Hoa Cruise: Fishing And Diving Tour

Phu Quoc cruise
Phu Quoc cruise


Hoa Hiep cruise ship will pick you up at An Thoi port or Sao Beach, then the train will take you to many destinations in Thoi archipelago so that you can enjoy watching diverse marine ecosystems and admire the beauty of pristine beaches such as Khem beach, Bai Duc beach. Majestic landscape and romantic atmosphere will satisfy you. Then captain of Hiep Hoa cruise is experienced and knows where to locate fish and will stop the ship for fishing in Cape Ong Doi in 1 hour. The ship is equipped with the tube (the bait is fresh squid pieces sailor was chopped).

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Bai Vong beach
Bai Vong beach

Next, visitors will visit the ruined Gieng Ngu (aka Fairy Well), find out when King Gia Long remnants fled the Tay Son, then you are free to explore the beach and pristine beaches white sand here.

Then the ship will take you to the diving reefs at Tren Hon Dam. Visitors gear up with equipped life jackets, goggles, fins, snorkel. Duration is about 45 minutes diving. Guests will be immersed in the blue water and have opportunities to watch colorful reefs and look at the fish swimming at beneath of sea. With a diverse ecosystem of the sea colorful Phu Quoc Island, you will be fascinated and felt like losing in an aquarium.

squid fishing
squid fishing


  • Cobia sour soup or tuna.
  • Braised fish or shrimp meat ram.
  • Fried mackerel or barracuda.
  • Sweet and sour seafood fried or sautéed garlic spinach.
  • Crispy Fish sentence.
  • Steamed rice, fruit, mineral water bottles of 20 liters.